Macedonian Academic Research Grid Initiative


MARGI Infrastructure was established initially durring the SEE-GRID project. It is maintained and enlarged durring the SEE-GRID 2 project.

Currently there are two sites:

  • MK-01-UKIM_II
    • Joint site between two institutions
      • University of Sts Cyril and Methodius
      • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematic
    • 12 CPUs (P4 3GHz)
  • MK-02-ETF
    • Facylty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies
    • 1 CPU (P4 3GHz)

This two sites are in the process of upgrade and will soon have:

  • MK-01-UKIM_II
    • 22 CPUs
  • MK-02-ETF
    • 24 CPUs

MARGI has started the inital establishment of the core services for the national MARGI VO.